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Meeting: Pamela Karg |

Pamela Karg (founder, Karg Communications) is presenting skills necessary for effective speeches by the leader.

Graduation event: Executive program 2017 |

Graduation event was held for the Executive Leadership Development program 2017.

How are you preparing for the next level of your achievements?

Gonzalo Urriolabeitia (Argentinian Ambassador) is sharing his thoughts on new beginnings.

Arianne Caoili (entrepreneur; International Master of Chess) is encouraging the students to think & act global.

Our guests are the pupils from Alexander Spendiaryan Music School.

Certificate presentation ceremony. Supporting us:

Student speeches

Leadership School is supporting the best project, including allocation of 1,000,000 AMD.
What future-oriented business ideas would you want to realize?

Friends of the Leadership School are delivering congratulatory speeches.

Meeting: Heidi Hautala |

Heidi Hautala (vice president, European Parliament) is sharing her experience and thoughts on leadership in public sector.

Meeting: Levon Altunyan |

Students are getting acquainted with the challenges of Levon Altunyan's (RA Minister of Healthcare) workday.

Graduation Tasks |

Graduation tasks for the Executive Leadership Development program 2017

Meeting: Davit Tonoyan |

Davit Tonoyan (RA Minister of Emergency Situations) is reflecting on leadership challenges in difficult situations.

Meeting: Artsvik Minasyan |

Artsvik Minasyan (RA Minister of Nature Protection) is sharing his experience of organizing the work process efficiently.

Open Meeting: Development Perspectives of Georgia |

Francois Painchaud (IMF resident representative in Georgia) is analyzing development opportunities & challenges of Georgia and the region.

Justin McKenzie Smith (British Ambassador to Georgia) is presenting British perspectives on leadership.

Goals & Assessments |

Andres Valdes (diplomat, author, leadership coach) is reflecting on setting goals efficiently.

Karen Fuhrmeister (research consultant, Hogan Assessment Systems) is explaining the evaluation methodology for the students' personalized tests.

Meeting: Jean Cadars |

Jean Cadars (general manager, The Alexander, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Yerevan) is sharing his experience of launching a business in a new country.

Meeting: Piotr Switalski |

Piotr Switalski (Ambassador, Head of Delegation of the EU to Armenia) is reflecting on specifics of leadership in the context of foreign policy.

Meeting: Anne Dorit Kempa |

Anne Dorit Kempa (country director, GIZ Armenia) is sharing her views on the leadership in public sector.

Meeting: Armen Amiryan |

Armen Amiryan (RA Minister of Culture) is emphasizing importance of the leader's value system & sense of ethics.

Closed Forum |

Development Opportunities of Armenia: Importance of Participation by the Youth

Meeting: Todd Fabacher |

Todd Fabacher (CEO, Digital Pomegranate) is analyzing examples of effectively dealing with both successes & failures.

Business Dinner for Innovators and Entrepreneurs |

Discussion about business directions important for the development of Armenia

Presentations of innovative business initiatives

Meeting: Dr. Garo Armen |

Dr. Garo Armen (CEO, Agenus) is sharing his vision and activities for the harmonious development of Armenia.

Meeting: Samuel Samuelyan |

Samuel Samuelian (chairman, Capital Motors) is sharing his experience of developing a business idea.

Meeting: David Derrey |

David Derrey (head of QSE, Yerevan Brandy Company) is underlining the importance of quality management.

Meeting: Matthias Kiesler |

Matthias Kiesler (German Ambassador) is reflecting on German approaches to leadership.

Meeting: Arthur Martirosyan |

Arthur Martirosyan (senior consultant, CMPartners [USA]) is analyzing strategies for efficient negotiations.

Meeting: Hrachik Adjamian |

Hrachik Adjamian (founder, Wakie) is sharing lessons from developing a startup in Silicon Valley.

Meeting: Dr. Manuel Alonso Coto |

Dr. Manuel Alonso Coto (director of corporate marketing, Executive Education at IE Business School) is presenting his research on digital marketing and innovation.

Meeting: Philippe Poux |

Philippe Poux (CEO, Contextor) is presenting his analyses on marketing trends & effective techniques.

Meeting: Deborah Grieser |

Deborah Grieser (mission director, USAID Armenia) is sharing insights on different approaches & success stories for the development of Armenia.

Open Lesson: Your Business in the Digital Future |

Open Lesson with Andrey Pyatakhin (CEO, Beeline Armenia)

Meeting: Nerses Yeritsyan |

Nerses Yeritsyan (deputy president, Central Bank of Armenia) is reflecting on perspectives for Armenia to transform into a knowledge economy.

Meeting: Sarkis Knyazyan |

Sarkis Knyazyan (managing partner, Knyazyan & Partners IP Law Firm) is analyzing nuances of protecting & commercializing innovations.

Meeting: Al Eisaian |

Al Eisaian (CEO, IntelinAir) is sharing his thoughts on servant leadership.

Meeting: Kirit Velani |

Kirit Velani (director, FMD K&L Europe) is presenting his experience & analyses on effective management and motivation.

Meeting: Hovhannes Manukyan |

Hovhannes Manukyan (former Justice Minister of RA; former Ambassador to Georgia) is sharing his experience & thoughts on effective public diplomacy.

Sport Meeting |

Meeting: Tigran Jrbashyan |

Tigran Jrbashyan (partner, head of Management Advisory Services, Ameria Group of Companies) is analyzing the challenges & opportunities for the development of Armenia.

Open Lesson: Dream and Achieve |

Open Lesson with Ralph Yirikian (general manager, VivaCell MTS)

Meeting: Vahan Martirosyan |

Vahan Martirosyan (RA Minister of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies) is analyzing the role of infrastructure for the socio-economic development of Armenia.

Meeting: Gladys Berejiklian |

Gladys Berejiklian (Premier of New South Wales [Australia]) is sharing insights from her path as a leader.

Meeting: Khachatur Sukiasyan |

Khachatur Sukiasyan (founder, SIL Group) is analyzing specifics of business development in Armenia.

Meeting: Gonzalo Urriolabeitia |

Gonzalo Urriolabeitia (Argentinian Ambassador) is sharing his thoughts on leadership & management.

Meeting: Dr. Thomas Samuelian |

Dr. Thomas Samuelian (dean, College of Humanities & Social Sciences, AUA) is reflecting on the core principles of leadership.

Meeting: Catalina Susan |

Catalina Susan (general manager, Armenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan) is sharing with business management & development experience.

First Meeting |

First meeting with the 2017-2018 students

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