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Meeting: Mahmoud Saad |

Mahmoud Saad (general manager, Opera Suite Hotel) is sharing experience of efficient communication & decision making in multicultural environments.

Meeting: Paul Edgar |

Paul Edgar (chief executive officer, HSBC Bank Armenia) is encouraging to build on your strengths and be prepared for new opportunities.

Meeting: Dr. Armen Darbinyan |

Dr. Armen Darbinyan (former Prime Minister of Armenia) is sharing his thoughts on the development perspectives of Armenia.

Visit: PicsArt |

Study visit to PicsArt, and meeting with Artavazd Mehrabyan (co-founder, PicsArt).

Sport Meeting |

Sport meeting was organized between Leadership Development and Executive Leadership program students.

Meeting: Lyla Andrews Bashan |

Lyla Andrews Bashan (sustainable development office director, USAID Armenia) is reflecting on the challenges of leadership in a globalized environment.

Meeting: Andres Valdes |

Andres Valdes (diplomat, author, leadership coach) is analyzing the importance of self-motivation.

Meeting: Nicholas Tawil |

Nicholas Tawil (CEO, Sanitek) is sharing his experience of leading the team through failure and success.

Meeting: Edmon Marukyan |

Edmon Marukyan (lawyer, MP) is emphasizing the importance of the rule of law for the leader

Meeting: Nazareth Seferian |

Nazareth Seferian (corporate responsibility expert) is reflecting on the importance of corporate citizenship for the sustainable development.

Visit to Georgia |

Business trip to Tbilisi & joint study visits were organized for Leadership School students & representatives of active youth from Georgia.

Study visit to the Tbilisi Public Service Hall

Study visit to KPMG Georgia, meeting with Andrew Coxshall (managing partner, KPMG Georgia)

Study visit to Tech Park Georgia, meetings with startup community representatives

Meeting with Paul Clark (president, TBSC Consulting)

Study visit to USAID Georgia

Elene Jvania (co-founder and co-director, Impact Hub Tbilisi) is introducing Impact Hub Tbilisi model & services

Meeting and QA session with Fabrika Tbilisi (multi functional cultural center) co-founders George Sakvarelidze and Devi Kituashvili

Open Lesson: Future Leaders of Georgia |

Leadership School organized an Open Lesson in Tbilisi on April 25.

R. Michael Cowgill (president, American Chamber of Commerce in Georgia [AmCham]) is reflecting on investor expectations in Georgia.

Vera Kobalia (former Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development) is presenting advice on networking for introverts.

Fady Asly (chairman, International Chamber of Commerce in Georgia; executive chairman, Channel Georgia Consulting) is sharing his experience of business development in Georgia.

Arad Benko (Austrian Ambassador to Georgia) is presenting European perspectives on leadership.

Meeting: Andrew Thornhill |

Andrew Thornhill (co-founder, Spotcoin) is sharing his thoughts on business opportunities & challenges related to blockchain technologies.

Workshop: Dress Code for Success |

"Dress Code for Success" workshop was organized at the LaGalleria Luxury Boutiques.

Workshop: Project Management |

Project management workshop with Silvia Schmid (head of DAAD [German Academic Exchange Service] office Yerevan)

Meeting: Shombi Sharp |

Shombi Sharp (UN Resident Coordinator & UNDP Resident Representative in Armenia) is analyzing sustainable development and regional cooperation opportunities for Armenia.

Meeting: Arja Makkonen |

Arja Makkonen (Ambassador of Finland in South Caucasus) is presenting Finnish perspectives on leadership.

Open Meeting dedicated to Eiichi Shibusawa |

Junetsu Komatsu (managing director, Shibusawa Eiichi Memorial Foundation) is presenting Eiichi Shibusawa's (considered the father of Japanese capitalism) vision of strong Japan, activities for inclusive development and public benefit initiatives (including fundraising for Armenian people).

Meeting: Karekin Odabashian and Davit Amiryan |

Karekin Odabashian (general manager, Karabakh Telecom) is reflecting on the differences between leadership & management.

Davit Amiryan (Ph.D. in Psychology) is sharing his thoughts on the psychological specificities of leadership.

Visit: Zangi |

Study visit was organized to Zangi.

Meeting: Dr. Tatul Manaseryan |

Dr. Tatul Manaseryan (director, Alternative Research Center) is presenting his research on the development opportunities & challenges of Armenia.

Meeting: Levon Mkrtchyan |

Levon Mkrtchyan (RA Minister of Education & Science) is analyzing the role of education in the development of Armenia.

Small Business Success Story: Gourmet Dourme |

Diran Bagdadian (founder, Gourmet Dourme) is sharing his experience of establishing & developing a business in Armenia.

Meeting: Adam Kablanian |

Adam Kablanian (chairman, Paradromics) is reflecting on the importance of business ethics.

Meeting: Gonzalo Urriolabeitia |

Gonzalo Urriolabeitia (Argentinian Ambassador) is sharing his experience & thoughts on effective team management.

Business English |

Michael Bashan (Business English lecturer, LS) is analyzing components of successful public speaking.

Meeting: Arianne Caoili |

Arianne Caoili (entrepreneur; International Master of Chess) is sharing insights on productivity and time management.

Discussion |

Discussion on leadership and European perspectives with youth from Georgia and Germany

Meeting: Dr. Armen Orujyan |

Dr. Armen Orujyan (CEO, Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology [FAST]) is reflecting on the nuances of innovation & entrepreneurship

Admission for Executives |

Admission exams: Executive Leadership Development program

Meeting: Judith Farnworth |

Judith Farnworth (British Ambassador) is presenting British perspectives on leadership.

Meeting: Davit Harutyunyan |

Davit Harutyunyan (RA Minister of Justice) is sharing his thoughts about the importance of the rule of law for the development of the society.

Meeting: Rafi Baghdjian |

Rafi Baghdjian (CEO, IDeA foundation) is sharing his experience of efficient negotiations & leadership nuances in different cultures.

Exams |

Exams were held for the first stage of the Leadership development course.
The results will be crucial to define the participants of the next stage.

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