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Meeting: Todd Fabacher |

Todd Fabacher (IT entrepreneur) is encouraging with advice from his experience of developing business initiatives.

Football Game |

Friendly football match was held between Leadership School students & Peace Corps Armenia volunteers.

Meeting: Ashot Ghoulyan |

Ashot Ghoulyan (Chairman of the National Assembly of Artsakh Republic) is sharing a vision of Artsakh's development perspectives.

Meeting: Davit Amiryan |

Davit Amiryan (Ph.D. in Psychology) is analizing psychological specificities of leadership.

Reception: German Ambassador |

Reception organized for the Leadership School students by Matthias Kiesler (German Ambassador) and his wife

Meeting: Aline Kamakian |

Aline Kamakian (founder & CEO, Fig Holding) is sharing insights from her experience of business development.

Meeting: Shombi Sharp |

Shombi Sharp (UN Resident Coordinator & UNDP Resident Representative in Armenia) is analyzing sustainable development and regional cooperation opportunities for Armenia.

Meeting: Dr. Bruce Boghosian |

Dr. Bruce Boghosian (president emeritus, American University of Armenia) is sharing his insights and experience on effective relationship building in workplace.

Farewell Lecture: Andres Valdes |

Andres Valdes (diplomat, author, leadership coach) is sharing his thoughts about leaders by choice.

Meeting: Agemar de Mendonça Sanctos |

Agemar de Mendonça Sanctos (Brazilian Ambassador) is presenting Brazilian perspectives on leadership.

Meeting: Edmon Marukyan |

Edmon Marukyan (lawyer, MP [member of the National Assembly]) is emphasizing the importance of the rule of law for the leader

Workshop: Startup Portfolio |

Workshop on the essential documents for startup development with Diana Esanlun (founder, Immortelle Essential Oil Factory)

Business Story: Gourmet Dourme |

Diran Bagdadian (founder, Gourmet Dourme) is sharing his experience of establishing & developing a business in Armenia.

Visit: FMD K&L Europe |

Kirit Velani (director, FMD K&L Europe) is reflecting on emerging opportunities in the biotechnology sphere and encouraging students to innovate.

Visit: Noyemberyan |

Leadership School students are encouraging the youth at Noyemberyan high school

Meeting: R. Michael Cowgill and Afzal Ravari |

R. Michael Cowgill (President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Georgia [AmCham]) is sharing insights on investor expectations in developing countries.

Afzal Ravari (Chairman of ARIC Group) is reflecting on his experience of business development & encouraging the youth to dream about changing the world.

Meeting: Bagrat Yengibaryan |

Bagrat Yengibaryan (director, Enterprise Incubator Foundation [EIF]) is analyzing innovative development perspectives & investment attraction specifics on the example of Armenian IT companies.

Visit: PicsArt |

Study visit to PicsArt and meeting with Artavazd Mehrabyan (co-founder, PicsArt).

Meeting: Judith Farnworth |

Judith Farnworth (British Ambassador) is analyzing British perspectives on leadership.

Meeting: Adam Kablanian |

Adam Kablanian (entrepreneur & investor) is emphasizing the importance of business ethics.

Business Breakfast with Alex Shootman |

Alex Shootman (CEO, Workfront) is encouraging the youth to define a vision and work hard towards its realization.

Meeting: Nazareth Seferian |

Nazareth Seferian (corporate responsibility expert) is presenting his analyses & thoughts on corporate citizenship for sustainable development.

Meeting: Dr. Armen Orujyan |

Dr. Armen Orujyan (founding CEO, Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology [FAST]) is analyzing the nuances of innovation & entrepreneurship.

Startup story: Armenian Helicopters |

Arsen Manukyan (CEO, Armenian Helicopters) is presenting Armenian Helicopters' story and business model characteristics.

Business Dinner with Jos Douma |

Jos Douma (Ambassador of the Netherlands) is reflecting on advantages of regional collaboration and giving advice from his work experience.

Open Meeting with Vera Kobalia |

Vera Kobalia (adviser to governments; former Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia) is sharing leadership and career advice from her experience & research.

Business Dinner with Vera Kobalia |

Vera Kobalia (adviser to governments; former Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia) is underscoring the importance of collaboration between the regional youth.

Meeting: Dr. Christina Ahmadjian |

Dr. Christina Ahmadjian (professor, Hitotsubashi University [Japan]) is presenting her research on Japanese and Western models of corporate governance.

Sport Meeting |

Meeting: Nicholas Tawil |

Nicholas Tawil (CEO, Sanitek) is sharing thoughts & experience on leadership during a crisis.

Dress Code |

Aram Nikolyan (designer) & Faina Harutyunyan (designer) are sharing thoughts & insights on dress code nuances.

Business Breakfast with the President of Armenia |

Armen Sarkissian (President of the Republic of Armenia) is emphasizing the participation of youth in addressing future challenges & opportunities of Armenians.

Open Workshop: Business Meals |

Leadership School and "Villeroy & Boch" organized an open workshop on business meal etiquette & table set up nuances.

Meeting: Jun Yamada |

Jun Yamada (Japanese Ambassador) is reflecting on Japanese perspectives of leadership.

Meeting: Gonzalo Urriolabeitia |

Gonzalo Urriolabeitia (Argentinian Ambassador) is sharing his experience & thoughts on effective team management.

Meeting: Arianne Caoili |

Arianne Caoili (entrepreneur; International Master of Chess) is presenting her experience & analyses on personal productivity.

Visit: Beeline Armenia |

Study visit to Beeline Armenia

Andrey Pyatakhin (CEO, Beeline Armenia) is analyzing Beeline's business model and corporate culture specifics.

Open Meeting with Dr. Hrant Bagratyan |

Dr. Hrant Bagratyan (former Prime Minister of Armenia) is analyzing opportunities & challenges for the development of Armenia in the context of global trends.

Meeting: Rafi Baghdjian |

Rafi Baghdjian (CEO, IDeA foundation) is sharing his experience of efficient negotiations & leadership nuances in different cultures.

Admission for Executives |

Admission exams: Executive Leadership Development program

Meeting: Jody Dosher |

Jody Dosher (retired professional of educational sphere) is sharing his experience of organizing effective meetings.

Meeting: Alexander Lapshin |

Alexander Lapshin (blogger) is analyzing the importance & efficient usage of new media.

Meeting: David Bequette |

David Bequette (VP of Acceleration and Incubation, Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology [FAST]) is sharing his experience and thoughts on starting from zero and achieving success.

Meeting: David Yeremyan |

David Yeremyan (general director, Yeremyan Projects) is sharing his vision and experience of business development.

Exams |

Exams were held for the first stage of the Leadership development course.
The results will be crucial to define the participants of the next stage.

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