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Student researches |

Students are presenting their research topics on leadership.

Meeting: Jop Blom |

Jop Blom (serial social entrepreneur) is sharing his experience and research from corporate responsibility to social innovations.

Meeting: John Baldoni |

John Baldoni (executive coach, Baldoni Consulting) is showing the skills necessary to lead during a crisis with focus on the current pandemic.

Meeting: Nicole Heimann |

Nicole Heimann (founder & CEO, Nicole Heimann & Partners [Switzerland]) is sharing research and advice on being an authentic leader and making a difference.

Meeting: Gordon McConnell |

Gordon McConnell (Co-Founder, Arkane Innovation [Ireland]; Director of Innovation, Robert Gordon University) is exploring the fourth industrial revolution and the potential impact of emerging technologies on the post-pandemic world.

Meeting: Chris Westfall |

Chris Westfall (Pro Speaker, Author, Leadership & Business Coach; US National Elevator Pitch Champion) is showing methods for effective elevator pitches and sharing his experience.

Meeting: Nick Kindler |

Nick Kindler (founder, Kindler & Company [Canada]) is sharing his experience & showing how to communicate with impact.

Meeting: Lynn Roseberry |

Lynn Roseberry (co-founder and director, On the Agenda [Denmark]) is reflecting on effective change management.

Meeting: Sally Helgesen |

Sally Helgesen (International Speaker and Leadership Consultant) is sharing her research and experience on developing efficiently inclusive organizations.

Meeting: Stephan Jung |

Stephan Jung (CEO, InoventiQ [Germany]) is calling to pay attention to the future-oriented trends and to realize disruptive innovations.

Open Meeting: COVID-19 |

Yulia Ustyugova (International Monetary Fund [IMF] resident representative in Armenia) is showing unique characteristics of the current crisis, and encouraging to view the situation as an opportunity for development.

Sebastian Molineus (Regional Director for the South Caucasus, World Bank) is analyzing successful response actions, and emphasizing the need for integrated policy.

Catarina Hansen (Regional Director for the Caucasus, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development [EBRD]) is reiterating importance of supporting the private sector during difficult times and the value of crisis management skills.

Dr. Jaime Amsel (CEO, Poiesys consulting) is viewing the bigger picture and the need to strategize for the future.

Meeting: Lucy Schalkwijk |

Lucy Schalkwijk (founder & chair, Career Women's Network Kigali) is reflecting on advantages & models of social entrepreneurship for socio-economic development.

Meeting: Gwen Cooper |

Gwen Cooper (founder & CEO, Cooper Solutions) is presenting her research on growth culture and coaching models for the development of organizations.

Meeting: Margie Warrell |

Margie Warrell (founder, Global Courage [Singapore]) is sharing her experience and advising to take a risk for the future achievements.

Meeting: Susan Lindner |

Susan Lindner (founder & CEO, Emerging Media) is sharing her insights on effective communications with the media.

Meeting: Andres Valdes |

Andres Valdes (diplomat, author, leadership coach) is reflecting on the important questions the leader needs answers to realize a vision.

Meeting: Tim Salau |

Tim Salau (co-founder, Guide; Mr. Future of Work: International Keynote Speaker) is presenting his research and experience on valuable habits of dynamic leaders.

Meeting: Sean Sheppard |

Sean Sheppard (founder, GrowthX; serial entrepreneur) is sharing his research and experience on guiding & participating in difficult conversations.

Meeting: Julie Kratz |

Julie Kratz (inclusive leadership trainer & author) is showing the importance and value of diversity & inclusion in the business.

Meeting: Dr. Zarik Boghossian |

Dr. Zarik Boghossian (serial innovator and entrepreneur) is sharing his experience and advising to imagine and realize a better future.

Meeting: Charlene Li |

Charlene Li (founder, Altimeter; New York Times bestselling author) is encouraging the youth to leverage disruptions as opportunities for change.

Meeting: Saby Waraich |

Saby Waraich (project & program management professional) is sharing experience & insights on leadership in project management.

Meeting: Paul Rosenberg |

Paul Rosenberg (Fortune 500 consultant, author) is presenting methods of managing risks and overcoming failures.

Meeting: Yaagneshwaran Ganesh |

Yaagneshwaran Ganesh (Marketing Manager, Reve [India]) is reflecting on effective marketing for startups.

Meeting: Lars Kolind |

Lars Kolind (innovator & entrepreneur [Denmark]) is sharing his experience of leading the business for innovation.

Meeting: Dr. Daniel Dolan |

Dr. Daniel Dolan (professor, Waseda University [Japan]) is encouraging future leaders to communicate with integrity and clarity.

Meeting: Zurab Lalazashvili and Elaine Zhou |

Zurab Lalazashvili (Managing Partner, BDO Georgia) is presenting analysis on leading during turbulent times.

Elaine Zhou (CEO, CNEW International) is sharing her experience of leading in multicultural environments.

Meeting: Sidney Minassian |

Sidney Minassian (Founder & CEO, ImpactLadder) is presenting his thoughts on sales & marketing during a crisis.

Meeting: Dr. Mark van Rijmenam |

Dr. Mark van Rijmenam (founder, Datafloq; Big data, Blockchain and AI strategist) is sharing his research on building future-oriented organizations and society.

Meeting: Arianne Caoili |

Arianne Caoili (entrepreneur; International Master of Chess) is presenting her experience & analyses on personal productivity.

Meeting: Dr. Michael Banzhaf |

Dr. Michael Banzhaf (German Ambassador) is sharing insights about German perspectives on leadership.

Business Breakfast |

Business breakfast with R. Michael Cowgill (President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Georgia [AmCham]) and Kenneth Cutshaw (lawyer & businessman)

Meeting: Cowgill and Cutshaw |

R. Michael Cowgill (President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Georgia [AmCham]) is giving advice on addressing foreign investor expectations efficiently.

Kenneth Cutshaw (lawyer & businessman) is reflecting on the impact of digital technologies on the business environment.

Admission for Executives |

Admission exams: Executive Leadership Development program

Meeting: David Bequette |

David Bequette (VP of Innovation, Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology [FAST]) is analysing mentality necessary for starting from zero and achieving success.

Meeting: Samuel Samuelyan |

Samuel Samuelian (chairman, Capital Motors) is encouraging the youth to realize their business ideas.

Meeting: Stanisav Stojcic |

Stanisav Stojcic (general manager, Hyatt Place Yerevan hotel) is sharing his thoughts and experience on leading by personal example.

Meeting: Lyla Andrews Bashan |

Lyla Andrews Bashan (sustainable development office director, USAID Armenia) is reflecting on the challenges of leadership in multicultural environments.

Exams |

Exams were held for the first stage of the Leadership development course.
The results will be crucial to define the participants of the next stage.

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