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Meeting: Nazareth Seferian |

Nazareth Seferian (corporate responsibility expert) is reflecting on the importance of corporate citizenship for the sustainable development.

Meeting: Hrachuhi Utmazyan |

Hrachuhi Utmazyan (public speaking coach) is showing effective communication methods.

Meeting: Bengt-Arne Hulleman |

Workshop on Business dinner etiquette with Bengt-Arne Hulleman (Executive Director, Protocolbureau)

Guest of honor: Nico Schermers (Ambassador of the Netherlands)

Business Story: Gourmet Dourme |

Diran Bagdadian (founder, Gourmet Dourme) is sharing his experience of establishing & developing a business in Armenia.

Dubai: story & opportunities |

James Maughan (Director, Falcon and Associates, Dubai) is analyzing the leadership behind the rapid growth of modern Dubai, and sharing current opportunities for education/career/business.

Meeting: Giga Bedineishvili |

Giga Bedineishvili (Dean, School Of Business at Free University of Tbilisi) is analyzing advantages of mission-oriented organizations.

Meeting: Mahmoud Saad |

Mahmoud Saad (hotel managing director, Project Inter-Invest) is encouraging not to be afraid to take responsibility during difficult times.

Meeting: Rem Darbinyan |

Rem Darbinyan (founder, SmartClick) is reflecting on the business skills necessary for startup success

Meeting: David Bequette |

David Bequette (innovation, entrepreneurship and program management expert) is sharing his views on the mindset necessary for starting from zero and achieving success.

Meeting: Hiroki Tachiiri |

Hiroki Tachiiri (entrepreneur, adviser, investor) is sharing experience & advice on starting a business.

Meeting: Nico Schermers |

Nico Schermers (Ambassador of the Netherlands) is analyzing nuances of leadership in the public sector.

Exams |

Exams were held for the first stage of the Leadership development course.

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