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Meeting: Don Lambert |

Don Lambert (country director, Armenia Resident Mission of Asian Development Bank [ADB]) is reflecting on the views and analyses of servant leadership.

Meeting: David Bequette |

David Bequette (innovation, entrepreneurship and program management expert) is sharing his views on the mindset necessary for starting from zero and achieving success.

Meeting: Vardan Aramyan |

Vardan Aramyan (former Minister of Finance of Armenia) is analyzing effective negotiations process.

Business Breakfast: Tinatin Khidasheli |

Tinatin Khidasheli (former Minister of Defense of Georgia) is sharing her experience as a leader, and thoughts on the future perspectives of our region.

Exams |

Exams were held for the first stage of the Leadership development course.

Speeches: LS Students |

Leadership School students are delivering pre-exam speeches.

Diversity & Inclusion |

Workshop on diversity & inclusion with Carolin Geginat (country manager, World Bank Armenia)

Business dinner etiquette |

Workshop on Business dinner etiquette with Bengt-Arne Hulleman (Executive Director, Protocolbureau)

Meeting: Vassilis Maragos |

Vassilis Maragos (Ambassador, Head of Delegation of the European Union to Armenia) is encouraging to dream big and think about leadership in global context.

Goals & Assessments |

Discussion of the students' personalized tests with colleagues at Hogan Assessment Systems

Meeting: Armen Avakian |

Armen Avakian (cofounder, Hexact) is analyzing effective public speaking & presentations (startup pitch).

Meeting: Andranik Grigoryan |

Andranik Grigoryan (CEO, Converse Bank) is reflecting on failure management and lessons.

Meeting: Denis Laus |

Denis Laus (general manager, Armenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan) is analyzing practical ethics at Marriott

Meeting: Karen Chshmaritian |

Karen Chshmaritian (former Minister of Economy) is sharing his thoughts & experience on effective management.

Meeting: Steven Hass |

Steven Hass (Chief Executive Officer, Finca Armenia) is presenting his thoughts and experience on teamwork.

UAE: Ralph Yirikian |

Ralph Yirikian's (CEO, Ucom) working visit to United Arab Emirates organized by Leadership School and Abu Dhabi University

Exploring collaboration opportunities between UAE and Armenia at the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED)

Networking with entrepreneurs and investors at the Abu Dhabi University

Networking event for the alums of Abu Dhabi, Cambridge, Oxford Universities, and business owners in Dubai with Ralph Yirikian at the Dubai Media City Campus of Abu Dhabi University

Meeting: Martin Galstyan |

Martin Galstyan (governor, Central Bank of Armenia) is showing the importance of adaptive leadership in addressing the challenges of unpredictable changes.

Meeting: Fan Yong |

Fan Yong (Ambassador of China to Armenia) is sharing lessons in growth and innovation from China's socio-economic development.

Sport Meeting |

Workshop: Building Your Startup |

Workshop on startup business model development with Dagen Valentine (country director, American Councils for International Education)

Workshop: Entrepreneurial Thinking |

Workshop on entrepreneurial thinking with Dagen Valentine (country director, American Councils for International Education)

Meeting: Ulf Schneider |

Ulf Schneider (Founder, Schneider Group) is sharing his experience of building an international business.

Discussion: Masanori Fukushima |

Discussion of the perspectives of economic relations between Japan and Armenia with Masanori Fukushima (Japanese Ambassador)

Meeting: Dr. Garo Armen |

Dr. Garo Armen (CEO, Agenus) is encouraging to lead with purpose.

Meeting: Adam Kablanian |

Adam Kablanian (serial entrepreneur & investor) is reflecting on his experience of business development, and encouraging the youth to build ethical organizations.

Workshop: Strategic Planning |

Workshop on strategic planning with Charles Zakhem (co-founder, Creative Consultants International)

Meeting: Vahan Zanoyan |

Vahan Zanoyan (writer, traveller, global energy consultant) is sharing his analyses & views on achieving and maintaining economic competitiveness of Armenia.

Meeting: Nerses Yeritsyan |

Nerses Yeritsyan (Former Minister of Economy of Armenia) is reflecting on the crucial role of innovation for the development at different scales.

Meeting: Matt Bartelsian |

Matt Bartelsian (Co-Founder and CEO, Puzl) is suggesting to reimagine the Armenian identity for development.

Meeting: Armen Darbinyan |

Armen Darbinyan (Former Prime Minister of Armenia) is sharing his thoughts on effective leadership during difficult situations.

Meeting: Vakhtang Abrahamyan |

Vakhtang Abrahamyan (CEO, Fastex) is analyzing the challenges & opportunities of digital transformation.

Meeting: Nilakshi Saha Sinha |

Nilakshi Saha Sinha (Ambassador of India to Armenia) is presenting Indian views on leadership.

Visit: United Arab Emirates |

Leadership School representatives visited United Arab Emirates.

Business Breakfast with students of Canadian University Dubai

Lars Kolind (innovator & entrepreneur [Denmark]) at the School of Business Administration of the American University of Sharjah: reflecting on the importance of entrepreneurial leadership.

Lars Kolind (innovator & entrepreneur [Denmark]) at the Dubai Business School (University of Dubai): encouraging to build new businesses with motivation beyond money.

Innovation masterclass with Lars Kolind (innovator & entrepreneur [Denmark]) organised by Leadership School Armenia, Dubai Business Associates and UAE Oxford & Cambridge Society.

Networking Event at the ADU Innovate (Abu Dhabi University)

Lars Kolind (innovator & entrepreneur [Denmark]) at the Abu Dhabi University: innovation for business development

Lars Kolind (innovator & entrepreneur [Denmark]) at the New York University Abu Dhabi startup accelerator StartAD: building an effective startup

Meeting: Lars Kolind |

Lars Kolind (innovator & entrepreneur [Denmark]) is sharing his experience of business development and showing the advantages of a business with purpose.

Meeting: Tigran Jrbashyan |

Tigran Jrbashyan (partner, head of Management Advisory Services, Ameria Group of Companies) is sharing thoughts on the current socio-economic situation and the challenges & opportunities for the development of Armenia.

Meeting: Ralph Yirikian |

Ralph Yirikian (CEO, Ucom) is reflecting on the core principles of leadership.

First Meeting 2023-2024 |

First meeting with the 2023-2024 students

Admission exams 2023-2024 |

When are you preparing to start your future achievements?

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