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Visiting Students and Internship Opportunities

Different mentalities, discussions and joint projects can contribute to the development of wider perspectives among future Armenian leaders.
That's why the Leadership School not only organizes periodic student discussions and joint projects, but also encourages foreign students to visit Armenia.

If you are studying at a foreign educational institution and want to

with opportunities to

we invite you to participate in projects with Leadership School students and the community.

Please send the following details to the email address shown in the footer of this page:

Comments from our previous visitors:

I visited the Leadership School (LS) in Yerevan in April 2011, when I had the chance to give a short presentation on past projects that I had worked on in the United States, and talk with LS students about their ideas for creative social and business initiatives. It was great to have the opportunity to connect with young entrepreneurs and activists in Armenia, and both hear about their interests and projects and share ideas for the future.
- Carolyn Forstein / Stanford University (USA)

The visiting students and interns are being involved in all directions of our activities: from research to practical projects. Please have a look at our News section for more info.