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Speeches: LS Students |

Leadership School students are delivering pre-exam speeches.

Meeting: Tinatin Khidasheli |

Tinatin Khidasheli (former Minister of Defense of Georgia) is sharing her thoughts and experience on effective public speaking.

Meeting: Dr. Irina Ghaplanyan |

Dr. Irina Ghaplanyan (senior specialist, World Bank) is showing the impact of values and approaches on leadership styles.

Strategic Branding & Marketing (Yerevan) |

Dr. Wendy Liew (founder & director, Image Creator [Malaysia]) is encouraging to think about branding and marketing in strategic scale.

Branding Above the Noise (Tbilisi) |

Dr. Wendy Liew (founder & director, Image Creator [Malaysia]) is analyzing examples of branding models for executives to raise their organizations above the noise of competition.

Meeting: Dr. Wendy Liew |

Dr. Wendy Liew (founder & director, Image Creator [Malaysia]) is giving practical advice on building a professional image.

Meeting: George Akhalkatsi |

George Akhalkatsi (head of representation, EBRD Armenia) is showing leadership differences between startups and established companies.

Goals & Assessments |

Discussion of the students' personalized tests with colleagues at Hogan Assessment Systems

Meeting: Samuel Samuelyan |

Samuel Samuelyan (chairman, Capital Motors) is analyzing specific business development issues and encouraging the youth to realize their business ideas.

Sport Meeting |

Meeting: Karen Chshmaritian |

Karen Chshmaritian (former Minister of Economy) is reflecting on effective management for development.

Future Leaders |

Leadership School students are encouraging the youth at CIS Armenia International School

Meeting: Natia Natsvlishvili |

Natia Natsvlishvili (UNDP Resident Representative in Armenia) is sharing her experience of working with and developing effective teams.

Meeting: Mariano Vergara |

Mariano Vergara (Argentinian Ambassador) is sharing his thoughts & experience on managing uncertainty.

Diversity & Inclusion |

Workshop on diversity & inclusion with Carolin Geginat (country manager, World Bank Armenia)

Meeting: Nerses Yeritsyan |

Nerses Yeritsyan (deputy president, Central Bank of Armenia; former Minister of Economy of Armenia) is reflecting on innovative socio-economic development opportunities & challenges for Armenia.

Meeting: Chip Laitinen |

William (Chip) Laitinen (USA Chargé d’Affaires ad interim in Armenia) is analyzing practical principles of leadership in diplomatic context.

Meeting: Martin Galstyan |

Martin Galstyan (governor, Central Bank of Armenia) is showing the importance of adaptive leadership in addressing the challenges of unpredictable changes.

Meeting: Aliona Stratan |

Aliona Stratan (First Vice President of the Management Board, maib) is sharing her vision of transformational leadership.

Open Meeting (Yerevan) |

Lars Kolind (innovator & entrepreneur [Denmark]) is encouraging to build new business models and contribute to the development of Armenia and the world.

Business Breakfast |

Lars Kolind (innovator & entrepreneur [Denmark]) is reflecting on how it is possible and necessary to change the world with business initiatives.

Open Meeting (Tbilisi) |

Leadership School and the Free University of Tbilisi have organized an open meeting with Lars Kolind (innovator & entrepreneur [Denmark]) at the Kakha Bendukidze Campus in Tbilisi.

Lars Kolind (innovator & entrepreneur [Denmark]) is encouraging to build new business models and contribute to the development of Georgia and the world.

Meeting: Lars Kolind |

Lars Kolind (innovator & entrepreneur [Denmark]) is sharing his experience of business development and showing the advantages of a business with purpose.

Meeting: Vahan Zanoyan |

Vahan Zanoyan (writer, traveller, global energy consultant) is sharing his analyses & views on achieving and maintaining economic competitiveness of Armenia.

Meeting: Vakhtang Abrahamyan |

Vakhtang Abrahamyan (chairman of the board, STAK Money Transfer) is presenting his analyses on the challenges & opportunities of digital transformation.

Meeting: Vahe Andonians |

Vahe Andonians (founder, Cognaize) is analyzing the blockchain (distributed ledger technology) for coordination and digital leadership.

Visit: Delegation from Iran |

Working visit of the delegation from Sharif University of Technology and startup community of Iran to Yerevan at the invitation of the Leadership School

Discussion with Narek Mkrtchyan (Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of Armenia), and acquaintance with the startups in the sphere

Participation in the Global Innovation Forum 2022 [GIF22] of the Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology [FAST]

Meeting with Martin Galstyan (president, Central Bank of Armenia)

Visit to Krisp, and acquaintance with solutions for effective communications with Artavazd Minasyan (co-founder, Krisp)

Levon Ohanesyan (CEO, Enterprise Armenia) and the team present business opportunities in Armenia

Meeting with Tigran Khachatryan (Minister of Finance of Armenia)

Visit to Picsart, and acquaintance with the company's success story

Acquaintance with Tumo Center, and communication with the vision with Pegor Papazian (co-founder & head of development, TUMO Center for Creative Technologies)

Discussion with Dr. Armen Orujyan (CEO, Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology [FAST])

Rem Darbinyan (founder, SmartClick) is showing how computer vision solutions can enhance productivity

Meeting: Lecturers from Iran |

Dr. Alireza Feyzbakhsh (Founder & Director, Office of Creativity and Entrepreneurship Development (OCED), Sharif University of Technology [Iran]) is encouraging the youth to reevaluate traditional concepts of entrepreneurship & education.

Dr. Alireza Farahani (Organizational & International Cooperation Manager, Sharif STAR [Iran]) is showing the effectiveness of adaptive learning systems.

Dr. Farshad Hagh-Panah (Vice-Chairman, Sana Holding Company [Iran]) is reflecting on the mistakes of inexperienced entrepreneurs, and making solution suggestions.

Meeting: Mohammad Moeen |

Mohammad (Moe) Moeen (cofounder, Snapp!; serial tech entrepreneur) is sharing his experience and thoughts on the role of organizational culture for business development and viability.

Meeting: Nathan Jackson |

Nathan Jackson (former Australian Skeleton-Bobsleigh athlete; founder, Moonplayer) is showing the value of self-awareness from a differing perspective.

Meeting: Tigran Jrbashyan |

Tigran Jrbashyan (partner, head of Management Advisory Services, Ameria Group of Companies) is sharing thoughts on the current socio-economic situation and the challenges & opportunities for the development of Armenia.

Meeting: Frank Hess |

Frank Hess (Head of Cooperation, Delegation of the EU to Armenia) is reflecting on the impact of cultural differences on management and communication.

Meeting: Andrea Wiktorin |

Andrea Wiktorin (Ambassador, Head of Delegation of the European Union to Armenia) is analyzing specifics of leadership in the context of foreign policy.

Creativity & Leadership |

Ketevan Bochorishvili (Managing Partner, Business Georgia; former Vice-Minister of Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia) is showing the importance of creativity to develop solutions for leadership in public service.

Open Meeting: Ketevan Bochorishvili |

Ketevan Bochorishvili (Managing Partner, Business Georgia; former Vice-Minister of Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia) is sharing lessons from one of the world's most successful economic & structural reforms implemented in Georgia, and thoughts about upcoming challenges & opportunities for the development of the region and Armenia.

Meeting: Dr. Bruce Boghosian |

Dr. Bruce Boghosian (president emeritus, American University of Armenia) is presenting analyses on building effective relationships in the workplace.

First Meeting |

First meeting with the 2022-2023 students

Admission exams 2022-2023 |

When are you preparing to start your future achievements?

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