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Business Breakfast: Adam Kablanian |

Adam Kablanian (IT sphere entrepreneur & investor) is sharing insights from his experience of developing innovative companies, and encouraging the youth to build on emerging new opportunities.

Business Breakfast: Elaine Zhou |

Elaine Zhou (CEO, CNEW International [Singapore]) is sharing her views on business development & teamwork in multicultural environments, and showing opportunities in Singapore & China.

Graduation event 2021-2022 |

Graduation event was held for the Leadership Development course 2021-2022.

Elaine Zhou (CEO, CNEW International [Singapore]) is analyzing parallels between Armenia and Singapore, and calling to innovate.

Ralph Yirikian (general manager, Viva-MTS) is encouraging the youth to change the world.

We welcome the participation of gifted youth: the ensemble of Armenian State Symphony Orchestra "Otri Trio"

Certificate presentation ceremony. Supporting us:

Student speeches

Friends of the Leadership School are delivering congratulatory speeches.

How are you preparing to start your future achievements?

Graduation Exams |

Graduation exams were held for the Leadership development course 2021-2022.

Servant Leadership |

Elaine Zhou (CEO, CNEW International [Singapore]) is sharing insights and experience on servant leadership.

Reception: Dr. Bahareh Teimouri |

Business reception workshop for the Leadership School students with Dr. Bahareh Teimouri

Visit: Engineering City |

Students get acquainted with practical aspects of research and business development at the Engineering City.

Meeting: Mehdi Raissi |

Mehdi Raissi (International Monetary Fund [IMF] resident representative in Armenia) is reviewing external challenges and possible solutions for the development of Armenia.

Meeting: Hayk Karapetyan |

Hayk Karapetyan (CEO, HayPost) is analyzing business development nuances on the example of HayPost company.

Goals & Assessments |

Discussion of the students' personalized tests with colleagues at Hogan Assessment Systems

Student researches |

Students are presenting their research topics on leadership.

Meeting: Christine Weigand |

Christine Weigand (UNICEF Representative in Armenia) is sharing her views & analyses on leadership during difficult times.

Meeting: Anto Paroian |

Anto Paroian (Body Language & Lie Detection Analyst; CEO, Truthology [Cyprus]) is reflecting on the importance of understanding verbal & non-verbal [body language] communication in business & leadership contexts.

Meeting: Stefan Kloetzli |

Stefan Kloetzli (Charge d'Affaires of Switzerland in Armenia) is showing the differences of change management in public & private sectors.

Meeting: Paolo Spantigati |

Paolo Spantigati (country director, Armenia Resident Mission of Asian Development Bank [ADB]) is analyzing practical nuances of project management.

Visit: Noyemberyan |

Leadership School students are encouraging the youth at Noyemberyan high school

Meeting: Aram Nikolyan |

Aram Nikolyan (fashion designer, stylist) is conducting practical analysis of dress code nuances at Marks & Spencer.

Workshop: Building Your Startup |

Workshop on startup business model development with Dagen Valentine (country director, American Councils for International Education)

Workshop: Entrepreneurial Thinking |

Workshop on entrepreneurial thinking with Dagen Valentine (country director, American Councils for International Education)

Effective Communications with Media |

Visit to the Public Television Company of Armenia

Petros Ghazaryan (journalist, TV host) is sharing his experience & thoughts on effective communications with the media

Meeting: Alexey Rusanov |

Alexey Rusanov (managing director, PwC Armenia) is analyzing the impact of changing megatrends on future-oriented leadership.

Meeting: Gagik Arzumanyan |

Gagik Arzumanyan (Director of Strategy, Ucom) is presenting his views & analyses of the values in leadership.

Meeting: Nazareth Seferian |

Nazareth Seferian (corporate responsibility expert) is reflecting on the importance of corporate citizenship for the sustainable development.

Meeting: Todd Fabacher |

Todd Fabacher (CEO, Digital Pomegranate) is analyzing examples of effectively dealing with both successes & failures.

Meeting: Vakhtang Abrahamyan |

Vakhtang Abrahamyan (chairman of the board, Armenian Card [ArCa]) is presenting his analyses on the challenges & opportunities of digital transformation.

Meeting: Rafi Baghdjian |

Rafi Baghdjian (Advisor, IDeA foundation) is encouraging to implement relevant approaches for negotiations and deal-making in different cultures.

Business Story: Gourmet Dourme |

Diran Bagdadian (founder, Gourmet Dourme) is sharing his experience of establishing & developing a business in Armenia.

Meeting: David Yeremyan |

David Yeremyan (founder, Yeremyan Projects) is sharing his vision and experience of business development.

Meeting: Alexander Lapshin |

Alexander Lapshin (blogger) is presenting his views on the importance & effective usage of social media.

Meeting: Vardan Aramyan |

Vardan Aramyan (former Minister of Finance of Armenia) is analyzing effective negotiations process.

Meeting: Sargis Stepanyan |

Closed Meeting with Sargis Stepanyan (Lieutenant Colonel of RA AF, Medal for Courage recipient; three-time World Para-Armwrestling Champion)

Meeting: Jack Hakimian |

Jack Hakimian (lead of digital strategy, Info-Tech Research Group [Canada]) is presenting his analyses on boosting innovation & entrepreneurship in the digital economy.

Meeting: Irina Seylanyan |

Irina Seylanyan (chief executive officer, HSBC Bank Armenia) is encouraging to build the corporate culture for innovation and positive impact.

Meeting: Bengt-Arne Hulleman |

Workshop on Business dinner etiquette with Bengt-Arne Hulleman (Executive Director, Protocolbureau)

Guest of honor: Nico Schermers (Ambassador of the Netherlands)

Meeting: Jean Paul Wijers |

Jean Paul Wijers (Executive Director, Institute of Strategic Relationship Management) is showing the importance of protocol for a leader to develop effective image and relationships.

Meeting: Andrea Wiktorin |

Andrea Wiktorin (Ambassador, Head of Delegation of the European Union to Armenia) is sharing her thoughts and experience on diplomatic leadership.

Meeting: Nicola Mandolini |

Nicola Mandolini (general manager, Grand Hotel Yerevan) is presenting his views on effective leadership in multicultural teams.

Meeting: David Bequette |

David Bequette (innovation, entrepreneurship and program management expert) is encouraging the students to not be afraid to lead starting from zero.

Exams |

Exams were held for the first stage of the Leadership development course.
The results will be crucial to define the participants of the next stage.

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