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Speeches: LS Students |

Leadership School students are delivering pre-exam speeches.

Meeting: Natia Natsvlishvili |

Natia Natsvlishvili (UNDP Resident Representative in Armenia) is sharing her experience of working with and developing effective teams.

Meeting: Pamela Karg |

Pamela Karg (founder, Karg Communications) is presenting skills necessary for effective speeches by the leader.

Business Breakfast with Nerses Yeritsyan |

Nerses Yeritsyan (deputy president, Central Bank of Armenia; former Minister of Economy of Armenia) is encouraging the youth to initiate innovative solutions for the development challenges of Armenia.

Meeting: Japanese entrepreneurs |

Hiroki Tachiiri (consultant, Leadership School) is sharing experience & advice on starting a business.

Discussion with young Japanese entrepreneurs

Meeting: Samuel Samuelyan |

Samuel Samuelyan (chairman, Capital Motors) is analyzing specific business development issues and encouraging the youth to realize their business ideas.

Meeting: Nerses Yeritsyan |

Nerses Yeritsyan (deputy president, Central Bank of Armenia; former Minister of Economy of Armenia) is reflecting on innovative socio-economic development opportunities & challenges for Armenia.

Meeting: Eric Hacopian |

Eric Hacopian (Political Consultant) is showing systemic challenges and untapped development potentials of Armenia.

Sports Meeting |

Meeting: Dr. Bagrat Yengibaryan |

Dr. Bagrat Yengibaryan (director, Enterprise Incubator Foundation [EIF]) is analyzing innovative development perspectives & investment attraction specifics on the example of Armenian IT companies.

Meeting: Matt Bartelsian |

Matt Bartelsian (Co-Founder and CEO, Puzl) is suggesting to reimagine the Armenian identity for development.

Workshop: Growth Strategies |

Workshop on business growth strategies with Dr. Freimut Hinsch (International Business Development Advisor [Germany])

Meeting: Nico Schermers |

Nico Schermers (Ambassador of the Netherlands) is analyzing nuances of leadership in the public sector.

Meeting: Dr. Freimut Hinsch |

Dr. Freimut Hinsch (International Business Development Advisor [Germany]) is encouraging to analyze failures and learn from mistakes.

Meeting: Martin Galstyan |

Martin Galstyan (president, Central Bank of Armenia) is showing the importance of adaptive leadership in addressing the challenges of serious changes.

Open Meeting: Business Creativity |

David Parrish (business creativity expert [UK]) is sharing his experience & views on innovative business development with creativity.

Meeting: Aliona Stratan |

Aliona Stratan (First Vice President of the Management Board, Moldova-Agroindbank) is sharing her vision of transformational leadership.

Meeting: David Parrish |

David Parrish (business creativity expert [UK]) is showing how to be prepared for making difficult decisions in ambiguous situations.

Open Meeting: Henri Arslanian |

Henri Arslanian (Global Crypto Leader, PwC Hong Kong; #1 influencer on Finance on LinkedIn) is sharing his vision and analyses of the impact of cryptocurrencies and digital assets on the future of finance and society.

Meeting: Stanisav Stojcic and Viktor Galustian |

Stanisav Stojcic (general manager, Hyatt Place Yerevan hotel) is sharing his thoughts and experience on leading by personal example.

Viktor Galustian (general manager, JTI Canary Islands) is showing the value of effective feedback for self-awareness.

Meeting: Tigran Jrbashyan |

Tigran Jrbashyan (partner, head of Management Advisory Services, Ameria Group of Companies) is sharing analyses of the current socio-economic situation and the challenges & opportunities for the development of Armenia.

Meeting: Zurab Lalazashvili |

Zurab Lalazashvili (Managing Partner, BDO Georgia) is analyzing effective leadership during turbulent times.

Technological Development and Leadership |

Gwen Cooper (founder & CEO, Cooper Solutions) is advising to be prepared for the challenges & opportunities of technological development's impact on leadership.

Meeting: Gwen Cooper |

Gwen Cooper (founder & CEO, Cooper Solutions) is presenting unexpected solutions to build business relationships in the post-digital age.

Open Meeting: Business for the Future |

Lars Kolind (innovator & entrepreneur [Denmark]) is encouraging to build new business models and contribute to the development of Armenia and the world.

Meeting: Lars Kolind |

Lars Kolind (innovator & entrepreneur [Denmark]) is sharing his experience of business development and showing the advantages of a business with purpose.

Open Meeting: Complex Projects |

Saby Waraich (project & program management professional [USA]) is analyzing the development of effective solutions for complex problems on a business transformation case.

Meeting: Saby Waraich |

Saby Waraich (project & program management professional [USA]) is showing the value of developing effective business connections for career and business.

Meeting: Dr. Bruce Boghosian |

Dr. Bruce Boghosian (president emeritus, American University of Armenia) is encouraging the students to build effective relationships in the workplace.

Meeting: Ralph Yirikian |

Ralph Yirikian (general manager, Viva-MTS) is presenting his views & experience related to the core principles of leadership.

Open Meeting in Artsakh |

David Yeremyan (founder, Yeremyan Projects) is sharing his vision and experience of business development in Stepanakert.

First Meeting |

First meeting with the 2021-2022 students

Admission exams 2021-2022 |

When are you preparing to start your future achievements?

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