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Yoga Under the Sky |

Yoga class with Irina Emelyanova (yoga teacher with 16 years of international experience)

Strategic mindset for the development of Artsakh |

Open meeting with Nerses Yeritsyan (deputy president, Central Bank of Armenia) in Stepanakert to get acquainted with a differing view on the development perspectives and emerging opportunities for Artsakh.

Open Meeting: Richard Kobayashi |

Richard Kobayashi (VC investor; CEO, Alesco Ventures [Estonia]) is analyzing the investor's point of view, and advising how to build efficient relationships with investors for the development of your startup/business.

Open Meeting: Dr. Zarik Boghossian |

Dr. Zarik Boghossian (serial innovator & entrepreneur) is encouraging to get acquainted with the challenges & opportunities of the 4th Industrial Revolution, and to solve problems for the Smart Machine Age.

Graduation event 2020-2021 |

Graduation event was held for the Leadership Development course 2020-2021.

Andrea Wiktorin (Ambassador, Head of Delegation of the European Union to Armenia) is encouraging the youth to build a better future.

John Gallagher (UK Ambassador) is congratulating the students and looking forward to innovative changes.

Our guests are the pupils from Alexander Spendiaryan Music School.

Certificate presentation ceremony. Supporting us:

Student speeches

Kishan Dan Dewal (Indian Ambassador) is reflecting on the mindset & values important for a leader.

Dr. Zarik Boghossian (serial innovator & entrepreneur) is sharing important advice for future business leaders.

Catalina Susan (general manager, Armenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan) is congratulating and wishing strength for new achievements.

How are you preparing to start your future achievements?

Workshop: Business dinner |

Workshop on Business dinner etiquette

Graduation Exams |

Graduation exams were held for the Leadership development course 2020-2021.

Meeting: Andranik Piloyan |

Visit to the Ministry of Emergency Situations and meeting with Andranik Piloyan (RA Minister of Emergency Situations) within the topic of "Project Management"

Acquaintance with the activities of the National Crisis Management Center

Visit: Kanaker-Zeytun MC |

Visit to Kanaker-Zeytun medical center and meeting with Avetis Avetisyan (director, Kanaker-Zeytun medical center) within the topic of "Business Development"

Meeting: Gagik Arzumanyan |

Gagik Arzumanyan (Director of Strategy, Ucom) is presenting his views & analyses of the values in leadership.

Meeting: Todd Fabacher |

Todd Fabacher (IT entrepreneur) is calling the youth to build the future with business initiatives.

Meeting: Aram Nikolyan |

Aram Nikolyan (fashion designer, stylist) is analyzing dress code nuances.

Meeting: Edmon Marukyan |

Edmon Marukyan (lawyer, MP [member of the National Assembly]) is emphasizing the importance of the rule of law for the leader

Meeting: Vahan Zanoyan |

Vahan Zanoyan (writer, traveller, global energy consultant) is sharing his analyses & views on achieving and maintaining economic competitiveness of Armenia.

Also: Revisiting Culture, Education and Statehood (article 2021)

Meeting: Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan |

Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan (Tavush diocese Prelate of the Armenian Apostolic Church) is reflecting on leadership values.

Visit: Noyemberyan |

Leadership School students are encouraging the youth at Noyemberyan high school

Meeting: Nazareth Seferian |

Nazareth Seferian (corporate responsibility expert) is presenting his analyses & thoughts on corporate citizenship for sustainable development.

Meeting: Mher Grigoryan |

Mher Grigoryan (Deputy Prime Minister of Armenia) is sharing his experience & views on the leadership in public sector.

Visit: Civil servants from Artsakh in Yerevan |

Study visit of civil servants from Artsakh to Yerevan during April 13-17 within the frames of the Leadership School's programs to empower Artsakh

Emil Tarasyan (Chief of the Presidential Administration) is encouraging strategic thinking & application of effective management models.

Gagik Sardaryan (director, Center for Agribusiness and Rural Development Foundation [CARD]) is sharing a vision of advanced agricultural technologies and competitive products.

Mher Abrahamyan (Chairman of the Management Board, ID Bank) is reflecting on the importance of innovation and service quality even in the most traditional spheres.

Updates on the current efforts by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia

Gevorg Safaryan (founder, earlyone & LimeTech companies) is sharing his experience of business development and calling for the public sector colleagues to support new businesses in the important directions more.

Discussion with Petros Ghazaryan (journalist, TV host) on effective communications with the media for civil servants

Aram Nikolyan (fashion designer, stylist) is presenting his thoughts & experience on dress code for civil servants.

Engineering City and development opportunities in the IT direction

Meeting with RA Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Mesrop Arakelyan

Edvard Hovhannisyan (Chairman of the State Revenue Committee of RA) is analyzing how the tax environment can support business development.

Alexander Lapshin (blogger) is emphasizing importance of the efficient usage of new media.

Meeting with RA Minister of Justice Rustam Badasyan

Introduction to the services of the Unified Office for Public Services

Korioun Khatchadourian (managing director, COAF) and colleagues present COAF programs for the development of village communities.

Specialists from ArmSoft and American University of Armenia are supporting with their experience of computer skills for information management and business English communication.

Dear partners, thank you for supporting this project.

Meeting: Nerses Yeritsyan |

Nerses Yeritsyan (deputy president, Central Bank of Armenia) is advising to research emerging new opportunities for socio-economic development.

Meeting: Pamela Karg |

Pamela Karg (founder, Karg Communications) is sharing her analyses and experience on crisis management.

Visit: PicsArt |

Study visit to PicsArt and meeting with Artavazd Mehrabyan (co-founder, PicsArt)

Hovhannes Grigoryan (engineering director, PicsArt) is analyzing the engineering and team development values at PicsArt.

Meeting: Anto Paroian |

Anto Paroian (Credibility Analyst; CEO, IdealCoaching) is showing the power of understanding verbal & non-verbal [body language] communication in business & leadership contexts.

Celebration of Life: Arianne Caoili |

Arianne Caoili's family and the Leadership School have organized a memorial event to celebrate the life of our friend and lecturer Arianne Caoili.

Speeches by Arianne's family: Annette Caoili (mother), Rachel Caoili (sister), and Levon Aronian (husband)

Remembering Arianne

Speeches by Arianne's friends and associates

Arianne Caoili Future Leader award to empower & support future woman leaders and innovators

Workshop: Customer Development |

Workshop on business model development reflecting the customer reality with Dagen Valentine (country director, American Councils for International Education)

Workshop: Business Model Design |

Workshop on business model design with Dagen Valentine (country director, American Councils for International Education)

Meeting: Avet Barseghyan |

Avet Barseghyan (TV host, songwriter) is showing how to construct an impactful speech.

Visit: Schoolchildren from Artsakh's Askeran province in Yerevan |

Study visit of schoolchildren from Artsakh's Askeran province to Yerevan during March 16-20 within the frames of the Leadership School's social responsibility programs

Visit to Matenadaran (Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts)

Visit to the Coca-Cola factory

Meeting with Nico Schermers (Ambassador of the Netherlands)

Visit to the Tumo Center for Creative Technologies

Meeting with RA Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Mesrop Arakelyan

Introduction to the work processes at SolarOn

Visit to Ucom

Visit to the Public Television Company of Armenia

Dr. Aram Hajian (dean, AUA College of Engineering) is presenting opportunities for education at the American University of Armenia

Visit to the Polytech High School

Visit to the residence of the President of Republic of Armenia

Visit to the Central Bank of Armenia and meeting with Nerses Yeritsyan (deputy president, Central Bank of Armenia)

Meeting with the Leadership School students

Dear partners, thank you for supporting this project.

Meeting: Samuel Samuelian |

Samuel Samuelian (chairman, Capital Motors) is encouraging the youth to cooperate and realize their business ideas.

Meeting: Rafi Baghdjian |

Rafi Baghdjian (Advisor, IDeA foundation) is sharing his experience & analyses of negotiations and deal-making in different cultures.

Meeting: Irina Seylanyan |

Irina Seylanyan (chief executive officer, HSBC Bank Armenia) is encouraging to build the corporate culture for innovation and positive impact.

Meeting: Arsen Bazikyan |

Arsen Bazikyan (chief executive officer, Armenian Leasing) is reflecting on the necessity of competition and advantages of cooperation.

Meeting: Nicola Mandolini |

Nicola Mandolini (general manager, Grand Hotel Yerevan) is presenting his views on effective leadership in multicultural teams.

Business Model: DANZ |

Harutyun Hulunyan (CEO, DANZ) and Armen Avak Avakian (Commercial Director, DANZ) are analyzing the company's business model and development strategy.

How to Develop a New Armenian Identity |

Matt Bartelsian (business development & marketing expert) is sharing his views on the components crucial for the long-term development perspective of Armenia, and showing how you can contribute with your career/business choices.

Meeting: David Hoffman |

David Hoffman (mission director, USAID Armenia) is analyzing leadership styles in public and private sectors.

Meeting: Helen Fazey |

Helen Fazey (British Chargé d’Affaires ad interim in Armenia, with the personal rank of Ambassador) is showing problem solving approaches from diplomacy.

Meeting: David Bequette |

David Bequette (innovation, entrepreneurship and program management expert) is sharing his views on the mentality necessary for starting from zero and achieving success.

Exams |

Exams were held for the first stage of the Leadership development course.
The results will be crucial to define the participants of the next stage.

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